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30th June 2019

South Mainland: Gull-billed Tern at Ringasta, and later Hillwell, Virkie and Toab. Rosy Starling at Compass Head. 3 Swifts at Quendale.

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler and Marsh Warbler at Baltasound. Grey Wagtail at Lund.

29th June 2019

North Mainland: Gull-billed Tern at Eshaness.

South Mainland: Rosy Starling at Compass Head. Glaucous Gull at Sandwick.

Unst: Iceland Gull at Skaw.

Central Mainland: Goosander at Trowie Loch, South Nesting.


28th June 2019

South Mainland: Rosy Starling at Compass Head. Black Redstart at Virkie. Swift at Leebitton. Sand Martin at Bakkasetter.

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler at Baltasound.

Central Mainland: 3 Waxwings at Graven.

Out Skerries: Redwing.


27th June 2019

South Mainland: Rosy Starling at Compass Head. 2 Red-necked Phalaropes at Grutness.


26th June 2019

South Mainland: Rosy Starling at Compass Head.

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler at Baltasound.


25th June 2019

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler and Little Egret at Baltasound. Iceland Gull at Skaw.

South Mainland: Sandwich Tern at Virkie.

Central Mainland: Cuckoo at Uradale.


24th June 2019

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler at Baltasound.

South Mainland: Quail at Loch of Brow. Swift at St Ninian's Isle. 2 Common Scoters at Quendale Bay. Willow Warbler at Sumburgh Head.


23rd June 2019

South Mainland: Black-headed Bunting at Sandwick.

Unst: Blyth's Reed Warbler and Nightjar at Baltasound.


22nd June 2019

South Mainland: Black-headed Bunting at Sandwick.

Unst: Green-winged Teal and Little Egret at Baltasound. Hobby at Ungirsta. Common Rosefinch at Norwick.


21st June 2019

Central Mainland: Honey Buzzard at Black Gaet.


20th June 2019

South Mainland: Lesser Yellowlegs and 3 House Martins at Scatness. Glaucous Gull at Sandwick.

Unst: Marsh Warbler at Norwick.


19th June 2019

South Mainland: Black-headed Bunting at Sandwick. Lesser Yellowlegs at Scatness. Iceland Gull at Leebitton.

Unst: Marsh Warbler at Baltasound. Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick.


18th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Ringasta. Reed Warbler and House Martin at Quendale. Spotted Flycatcher at Toab. House Martin at Sumburgh Head.

Central Mainland: Red-backed Shrike at Sullom Voe Terminal.

Unst: Kestrel at Uyeasound.


17th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby and Marsh Harrier at Bakkasetter. Hobby at Mossy Hill. Black Redstart at Sumburgh Head.

Whalsay: Red-backed Shrike at Skaw.

Out Skerries: Turtle Dove.

North Mainland: Quail at Benigarth, North Roe.

16th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Hillwell. Marsh Harrier at Brow Marsh.

Unst: Osprey, Sand Martin and House Martin at Baltasound. 3 Quails at Haroldswick.


15th June 2019

South Mainland: Honey Buzzard at St Ninian's Isle, and later Scatness. Hobby and Little Grebe at Hillwell. Marsh Warbler at Virkie. Marsh Harrier and Reed Warbler at Bakkasetter. Barnacle Goose at Boddam.

Unst: Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick.

Noss: Reed Warbler.


14th June 2019

Noss: Hobby.

Bressay: Icterine Warbler at Gorie.

West Mainland: 2 Waxwings at Sandness.

Unst: Little Egret at Baltasound. Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick.

South Mainland: 2 Common Cranes at Bakkasetter.

Central Mainland: 2 House Martins at Loch of Clickimin.


13th June 2019

Unst: Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick. Tree Sparrow at Northdale.

South Mainland: 2 Common Cranes, Little Grebe and 2 Pintails at Hillwell. Short-eared Owl at West Voe of Sumburgh.

Central Mainland: Cuckoo at Gremista, Lerwick.


12th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Spiggie. 2 Common Cranes at Hillwell.

Unst: Little Egret at Baltasound. Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick.


11th June 2019

South Mainland: Common NightingaleHobby and Marsh Warbler at Quendale. 2 Common Cranes and Marsh Harrier at Hillwell.

Unst: Marsh Warbler and Quail at Haroldswick. Marsh Warbler at Baltasound.


10th June 2019

Bressay: Scops Owl found dead (site unknown).

Unst: Hobby, Red-backed Shrike and Cuckoo at Baltasound. Quail at Haroldswick. Spotted Flycatcher at Burrafirth.

South Mainland: 2 Common Cranes and Pink-footed Goose at Hillwell. Marsh Harrier at Brow Marsh. Sandwich Tern at Virkie. Little Grebe at Scatness.

Central Mainland: Cuckoo at Voe.

9th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Hillwell/Toab/Boddam. Red-backed Shrike at Boddam. 2 Common Cranes, Sedge Warbler and Water Rail at Hillwell. Marsh Harrier and Sedge Warbler at Brow Marsh. Curlew Sandpiper at Scatness. Greenshank at Virkie. Reed Warbler at Quendale. 3 Shovelers at Spiggie.

Unst: Red-backed Shrike, Marsh Warbler, Little Egret, Cuckoo, Sedge Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher, Blackcap, Sparrowhawk and Whitethroat at Baltasound. Red-backed Shrike and Tree Sparrow at Norwick.

West Mainland: 2 Waxwings at Sandness. Red-backed Shrike at Annifirth, Walls.

Yell: Peregrine at Mid Yell.

Central Mainland: Cuckoo and House Martin at Kergord.

8th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Hillwell/Quendale. Curlew Sandpiper at Scatness. Red-backed Shrike and Lesser Whitethroat at Boddam. 2 Lesser Redpolls at Virkie. Reed Warbler and Chiffchaff at Quendale.

Unst: Quail and Marsh Harrier at Haroldswick. Red-backed Shrike at Skaw. 14 Wood Pigeons at Baltasound.

Central Mainland: 13 Goosanders at Weisdale Voe.


7th June 2019

South Mainland: Hobby at Hillwell. 2 Wood Sandpipers and Greenshank at Scatness. Long-eared Owl at Virkie. Cuckoo and Swift at Sumburgh Head. Pied Flycatcher at Boddam. 2 Pintails at Loch of Troswickness.

Unst: Little Egret, Common Rosefinch, Marsh Harrier, Pintail, Reed Bunting, Common Redpoll, Cuckoo, Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff at Baltasound. 2 Common Cranes at Caldback (earlier at Baltasound). Red-backed Shrike at Lamba Ness. Whinchat and 2 Spotted Flycatchers at Skaw.

Out Skerries: Icterine Warbler.

Fetlar: Turtle Dove and Spotted Flycatcher at Aithness.

Central Mainland: Cuckoo at Voe. Cuckoo at Gremista, Lerwick. 13 Goosanders at Weisdale Voe.


6th June 2019

Unst: Rosy Starling at Skaw. Common Rosefinch and Pintail at Baltasound. Quail, Marsh Harrier and Pink-footed Goose at Haroldswick. Quail at Northdale. Spotted Flycatcher, 2 Blackcaps, 3 Willow Warblers and 3 Chiffchaffs at Norwick.

South Mainland: Hobby at Toab. Red-backed Shrike at Sandwick. Marsh Harrier at Hillwell. Spotted Flycatcher at Culsetter. Shoveler at Grutness.

Out Skerries: Icterine Warbler and Grey-headed Wagtail.

Noss: Cuckoo.

Yell: Cuckoo and Chiffchaff at Breckon.


5th June 2019

Foula: Little Bittern and Marsh Warbler.

Whalsay: Sardinian Warbler at Skaw.

Unst: Rustic Bunting, 2 Common Cranes, Marsh Harrier, Short-eared Owl and House Martin at Burrafirth. Green-winged Teal, Pink-footed Goose and Common Redpoll at Haroldswick. Marsh Warbler, Garden Warbler, Blackcap and 8 Tree Sparrows at Norwick. Red-backed Shrike, Common Rosefinch, Tree Pipit, Cuckoo, Sedge Warbler, Redwing, House Martin and 15 Wood Pigeons at Baltasound.

Out Skerries: Hobby and Icterine Warbler.

South Mainland: Icterine Warbler at Scousburgh. Spotted Flycatcher at Quendale. Sedge Warbler at Geosetter. Barnacle Goose and 2 Shovelers at Noss, Spiggie. Kestrel at Bakkasetter. Sand Martin at Virkie. Shoveler at Grutness.

Fetlar: Short-eared Owl at Dullans.

West Mainland: Cuckoo at West Burrafirth.

Central Mainland: Swift at Loch of Asta.

Yell: Chiffchaff at Cullivoe. Chiffchaff at Gutcher.


4th June 2019

Unst: Great Knot, Sparrowhawk and House Martin at Skaw. Marsh Harrier at Haroldswick. Swift at Snarravoe. Short-eared Owl at Norwick.

Whalsay: Sardinian Warbler at Skaw.

Central Mainland: Hobby at Garth, South Nesting.

South Mainland: Black Redstart, Spotted Flycatcher and House Martin at Sumburgh Head. 2 Common Scoters at St Ninian's Isle.


3rd June 2019

Foula: Little Bittern at Burns.

Unst: Great Knot at Skaw. Little Egret and Sedge Warbler at Baltasound. 2 Common Cranes at Burrafirth. Cuckoo at Feall.

Whalsay: Sardinian Warbler at Skaw.

Yell: Hobby at Gloup. Short-eared Owl at Cullivoe.

Out Skerries: Hobby.

South Mainland: Quail at Geosetter. Black Redstart and 3 House Martins at Sumburgh Head. 2 Common Scoters at Scousburgh. Sedge Warbler at Boddam.

Central Mainland: Goosander at Loch of Voe. Pochard at Trowie Loch, South Nesting. Sand Martin at Loch of Tingwall.


2nd June 2019

Foula: Little Bittern at Burns.

Unst: Great Knot at Skaw. Common Rosefinch, Sedge Warbler, Garden Warbler and 2 Lesser Whitethroats at Baltasound. Marsh Harrier at Northdale.

Whalsay: Sardinian Warbler at Skaw.

South Mainland: Nightjar at Exnaboe. Quail at Geosetter. Black Redstart at Sumburgh Head. Spotted Flycatcher at Quendale. Whitethroat at Culsetter. 2 Sand Martinsat Bakkasetter.

Central Mainland: Turtle Dove at Loch of Clickimin. Pochard at Trowie Loch, South Nesting.

1st June 2019

Whalsay: Sardinian Warbler at Skaw.

Unst: Great Knot and Rustic Bunting at Skaw. Goosander at Uyeasound.

South Mainland: Icterine Warbler and Common Scoter at Quendale. Quail at Geosetter. 3 House Martins at Boddam.

Central Mainland: Tree Sparrow at South Nesting Hall. Pochard at Trowie Loch.

Yell: Goosander at Copister Ness.

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