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Calum Mackenzie Fund


On 20th January 2012 long-time Shetland Bird Club member Calum Mackenzie died peacefully at his home in Lerwick, having been ill over the Christmas and New Year period, and disabled since a cycling accident in 1996.

Calum left his fantastic collection of bird books to the Shetland Bird Club which were auctioned to members and raised the amazing sum of over £3,000.   Initially the General Committee decided to set up a fund to pay for a week’s stay at Fair Isle Bird Observatory for a young person hoping that it could be a life-changing experience that would set them on their way to a career in conservation ornithology.  The fund received a welcome boost recently from Niels Allert, who once worked with Calum in the early 90’s, and who raised 1500 Euros from his ‘big’ birthday! 

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In January 2018 the General Committee changed the remit of the award to ask for applications from individuals or organisations for a grant of up to £250 that will clearly demonstrate support for the clubs aims.  Awards higher than this may be agreed in special circumstances.  

Applications from young people will still take priority but the committee will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis.  There is no deadline for applications.  It is hoped to award at least 1 grant per year depending on the number and type of applications received.

Successful applicants will be announced at our Annual General Meeting in February each year.  It is hoped that they will return to the following AGM to report back on how they used the money.    

Membership of the club is desirable but not an essential pre-requisite to applicants.  

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