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We try to include most records sent directly to us and we collect records from many other sources. As a news site, there will inevitably be errors included - in identification and in compilation. This site does not constitute an official record; this is published annually in the Shetland Bird Report, using records which have been formally submitted and assessed by local and national committees.

Species in red are national (BBRC) rarities. 
Species in orange are local/Scottish rarities.


19th November 2019

Central Mainland:  3 Goosander at East Voe of Scalloway, Waxwing, Blackcap and Dunnock at Law Lane Lerwick. Brambling at Mulla, Voe.  

West Mainland:  Woodcock and Sparrowhawk at Gairdins o'Sand.  

Cetacean News:  Pod of Orca seen heading past Strandburgh Ness, Fetlar.  2 Humpback Whales and porpoise off Haroldswick, Unst.   2 Humpback Whales near Haff Gruney, seen from Fetlar.  Minke Whale east of Sumburgh Head.  10+ Risso's Dolphins a mile south of Sumburgh Head.  2 Humpback Whales seen off Moul of Eswick, South Nesting.  Several hundred Porpoise remain in South Nesting Bay.  



18th November 2019

Whalsay:  Juvenile Pomarine Skua north past Skaw Taing.  3 Snow Bunting also there.  


Central Mainland:  Siberian Chiffchaff at Mulla, Voe.  Waxwing and Blackcap at Law Lane, Lerwick.  


Unst:  Siberian Chiffchaff at Baltasound school and Goldcrest at Valyie, Norwick.   

Cetacean News:  4+ Orca south past Balta Isle.  4 Humpback Whale between Uyea Isle and Fetlar.   2 Humpback Whales off Dale of Walls.  5 unknown Dolphin sp. seen off Filla ferry, half-mile south west of Muckla Skerry.  Large pod of Porpoise still in South Nesting Bay. 



17th November 2019

South Mainland:  Little Bunting at Scatness.  Northern Wheatear at West Voe. 

Yell:  Glaucous Gull at Breckon.  Bar-tailed Godwit and Great Northern Diver at Cullivoe.  

Central Mainland:  Dunnock at North Road,  and Waxwing over Law Lane, Lerwick.  12 Mealy Redpoll at Mulla, Voe.    

Cetacean News:  2 Humpback Whales seen from Haroldswick,  to Balta Isle,  and Muness, Unst.   2 Humpback Whales seen from Otterswick, Yell.  3 Humpbacks also reported in Colgrove Sound, between Brough Lodge and Hascosay.   60+ Porpoise in South Nesting Bay.  10-12 Porpoise heading west past Burravoe, Yell.  Minke Whale off Odsta, Fetlar, and another east of Muness.  



16th November 2019

Foula:  1cy Desert Wheatear

Yell:  Merlin, Bar-tailed Godwit and Dunlin at Cullivoe.  

Central Mainland:  Waxwing at Stendaal, South Nesting. 

Cetacean and Mammal News: 2 Humpback Whales at Hamnavoe, South Yell, moving to Aywick, then Vatsetter heading north.  Humpback Whale(s) between Fetlar and Hascosay.  60+ porpoise between Bigga and mainland, Yell.  10+ Porposies between Lunnaness and Yell heading west.  

Bearded Seal back on marina at Bridge End, Burra.  



15th November 2019

Unst:  Goshawk still Setter's Hill Estate, Baltasound.

Central Mainland:  Waxwing at Vidlin, and at Stendaal, South Nesting.   Hen Harrier at Sand Water.  

Cetacean News:  10 Porpoise north through Bluemull Sound.  Usual large pod of Porposies in South Nesting bay.  



13th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck back on Loch of Houlland.  


Yell: Glaucous Gull and Oystercatcher at Breckon.  Knot at Cullivoe.  


West Mainland:  Merlin at Bixter, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff at Michael's Wood, Aith.  4 Woodcock at Da Gairdins o'Sand.  4 Slavonian Grebe, 2 Great Northern Divers and Long-tailed Duck at Sand beach.   


Cetacean News:  2 Humpback whales seen off Fetlar.  Large pod of White-sided Dolphins off Papa Stour seen from ferry, and from land at West Burrafirth.   



14th November 2019

Unst:  1cy Goshawk at Setter's Hill Estate, Baltasound.  

Central Mainland: Redwing at Flower Park, Waxwing Cockatoo Brae, and Dunnock, North Road, Lerwick.  

Cetacean and Mammal News:  Bearded Seal at Bridge End, Burra.   Orca pods noted between Fetlar and Out Skerries from Mackerel boats.  



12th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck now at Loch of Freester, Long-tailed Duck at Trowie Loch, and 2 Barnacle Geese at Garth, South Nesting.

Yell:  Glaucous Gull at Breckon.  

Cetacean News:  Humpback Whale south past Sumburgh Head, Pod of Orca heading north past Lamba Ness. 



11th November 2019

Central Mainland:  2 Slavonian Grebe at Whiteness Voe.  

West Mainland:  Little Grebe at Bridge of Walls.    

Yell:  Ringtail Hen Harrier at West Sandwick.  



10th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck at Loch of Houlland, South Nesting.

South Mainland:  20 Snow Buntings at Grutness. Iceland Gull at Scord beach.  

Yell:  Glaucous Gull at Breckon.  



9th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck still at Loch of Houlland, South Nesting. 

South Mainland: Lesser Whitethroat at Bakkasetter.  Northern Wheatear at West Voe of Sumburgh.

Unst:  Glaucous Gull at Burrafirth. Knot at Norwick. Siberian Chiffchaff at Baltasound. 

Cetaceans:  2 Humpback Whales off The Knab, Lerwick.  



7th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck at Loch of Houlland, South Nesting. Waxwing at Scalloway. Waxwing at Law Lane, Lerwick.


Unst: Common Rosefinch, Waxwing, Long-eared Owl and 2 Woodcocks at Norwick. 5 Little Auks and 12 'blue' Fulmars past Lamba Ness. Siberian Chiffchaff at Baltasound. 6 Snow Buntings at Skaw.


West Mainland: Waxwing at Aith. 7 Goosanders at Tresta Voe.  

North Mainland: Ring Ouzel at Ollaberry.

South Mainland: Siberian Chiffchaff at Bakkasetter.

Yell: Knot, Jack Snipe and Blackcap at Cullivoe.

Cetaceans: 2 Humpback Whales and 6 Risso's Dolphins off Compass Head. Minke Whale off Horse of Burravoe, Yell.  



8th November 2019

North Mainland: Snowy Owl between Collafirth Hill and Midfield.  

Central Mainland: Ring-necked Duck at Loch of Houlland, South Nesting. 


Unst: Waxwing and Siberian Chiffchaff at Norwick. Siberian Chiffchaff at Northdale. Siberian Chiffchaff and Water Rail at Haroldswick. Common Redpoll and 6 Siberian Chiffchaffs at Baltasound. 2 Woodcocks at Ungirsta. Scaup and Pintail at Uyeasound.

South Mainland: 5 Snow Buntings at Grutness. Siberian Chiffchaff at Bakkasetter.

Cetaceans: 2 Humpback Whales moved south from Levenwick to Sumburgh Head.



6th November 2019

Central Mainland:  Ring-necked Duck at Loch of Houlland, South Nesting. Barnacle Goose and 2 Pintails at Garth, South Nesting. Yellow-browed Warbler and 5 Siberian Chiffchaffs at Vidlin. Waxwing at Laxo. 2 Siberian Chiffchaffs at Eswick. 6 Waxwings at North Road, Lerwick. Waxwing at Banksbroo, Lerwick. Siberian Chiffchaff at Law Lane, Lerwick. Siberian Chiffchaff at Sound, Lerwick. Siberian Chiffchaff and 7 Waxwings at Scalloway.

Unst: Waxwing, Blackcap, Brambling, 6 Woodcocks, 3 Siberian Chiffchaffs and 23 Snow Buntings at Norwick. Waxwing and Dunnock at Baltasound. Peregrine and Blackcap at Uyeasound. Common Scoter at Haroldswick.

South Mainland: Siberian Chiffchaff and Woodcock at Maywick. 10 Siskins at Geosetter. 10 Siskins at Channerwick. Long-eared Owl at Hillwell.



5th November 2019

Yell: 3 Glaucous Gull at Breckon. Woodcock at Culivoe. 2 Waxwings at North-a-Voe.

Central Mainland: 15 Waxwings at Scalloway. 'North-wwestern' Common Redpoll and 2 Waxwings at Sound, Lerwick. Waxwing and Siberian Chiffchaff at Helendale, Lerwick. Waxwing at Law Lane, Lerwick. 3 Waxwings and 4 Bramblings  at North Road, Lerwick. Woodcock at Loch of Voe.

West Mainland:  5 Waxwings at Aith.  Sparrowhawk at Sand.  

South Mainland: Waxwing at Bigton. 2 Siberian Chiffchaffs at Culsetter.


Unst: Waxwing at Baltasound. Waxwing and Carrion Crow at Norwick. Great Skua at Lamba Ness.


4th November 2019

Burra: Pallas's Warbler found in a polytunnel on Trondra. 


Central Mainland: Common Scoter at Shetland Catch, Lerwick. 5 Waxwings at North Road, Lerwick. 12 Waxwings at Helendale, Lerwick. Waxwing at Mulla, Voe. 2 Waxwings at Kalliness, Weisdale.

South Mainland: Waxwing at Cunningsburgh. 4 Common Redpolls at Wester Quarff. Woodcock at Swinister Burn. Common Redpoll and Grey Wagtail at Bakkasetter.


Unst: 5 Waxwings at Baltasound.

Yell: 6 Waxwings at Mid Yell. Common Redpoll at Sellafirth.



3rd November 2019

Unst: 5 Glaucous Gulls at Skaw. Waxwing at Baltasound. Snow Bunting and Knot at Norwick. Common Redpoll at Lamba Ness.


Whalsay: 4 Waxwings at Marrister.    

Central Mainland: Siberian Chiffchaff and 9 Waxwings at Scalloway. Up to 15 Waxwings in Lerwick, including 11 at Law Lane.  

West Mainland: Common Redpoll at West Burrafirth. 25 Siskins at Sand. 


South Mainland: 12 Goldfinches at Sumburgh Head. Snow Bunting and Siskin at Bakkasetter.


2nd November 2019

South Mainland: Pallas's Warbler at Hoswick. Long-eared Owl at Maywick. 5 Waxwings at Dalsetter. 7 Waxwings at Bakkasetter.  


Unst: Yellow-browed Warbler, Dunnock, 20 Snow Buntings and 2 Long-eared Owls at Baltasound.

Yell: 2 Bramblings at Cullivoe.  

Central Mainland: 15 Siskins at Sound, Lerwick. 21 Siskins at Mulla, Voe.  

For information - bird from September

Based on current knowledge, the DNA from the shrike at Levenwick is most likely to be Turkestan Shrike


1st November 2019

South Mainland: Pallas's Warbler at Hoswick.  

Unst: Lapland Bunting and Jack Snipe at Skaw. Waxwing, Woodcock and 2 Common Redpolls at Baltasound. Siberian Chiffchff and Shoveler at Lamba Ness. Velvet Scoter, Woodcock, Knot and 2 Siberian Chiffchaffs at Norwick.

Yell: Arctic Tern at Breckon. Brambling at Cullivoe.

West Mainland:  Black Redstart Melby. 2 Waxwings at Aith.  

Central Mainland: Waxwing at Hillhead, Lerwick. Waxwing at Kergord. 9 Snow Buntings at Outrabister.

Out Skerries: Black Redstart.

For information - birds from October 2019:

DNA confirmed the Eastern Stonechat at Westing, Unst was a Stejneger's Stonechat - a Shetland first. 

DNA confirmed the Eastern Stonechat at Brake was a  Siberian Stonechat

DNA confirmed the Western Subalpine Warbler at Hillwell