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For over 20 years, Nature in Shetland has been collecting and sharing information on all of Shetland's natural history.




17th May 2024

Bird Sightings: 

Major influx of Red-backed Shrikes today in Shetland.  Here's a breakdown of sightings...  

Unst:  Singles at Skaw, Ordale, Northdale, Valyie, at the Brewery, Sotland, Baltasound, Balisata, and Burrafirth, 2 at Haroldswick. 

Whalsay: Single at Skaw.  

Out Skerries:  4+ on the island.  

Fetlar:  Single at Baelens.  

Central Mainland:   Singles at Scatsta Farm, Mossbank, Swining, Frakkafield, 

West Mainland:  Single at Sandness.  

South Mainland: Singles at Gulberwick, Hoswick, Greenmow, Ireland, Rerwick, Bigton, Fleck, Boddam, Mossy Hill, Geosetter, Culsetter, Setter, Williamsetter, Scatness, Grutness, 8+ at Quendale, 2 at Hillwell, and 2 at Mainland's Shop.

Other notable sightings for today:

Unst:  Wryneck at Valyie.  Marsh Warbler at Kirkaton, Baliasta, and at Cameron Cottage.  2 Sandwich Tern at Haroldswick.  Kestrel at Westing turning.  Red-breasted Flycatcher at Baliasta.  White-billed Diver off Sound Grunay.  

Yell:  Marsh Warbler at Cullivoe. Cuckoo at Mid Yell.  Kestrel at Sand Water, Hen Harrier at Breckon.  Garden Warbler at Camb.  

Whalsay:  Marsh Warbler at Skaw.  Marsh Warbler at Arisdale burn.  

Fetlar:  Bluethroat at Aith Bank,  Hawfinch at Tresta, and Marsh Warbler at camping bod.  

Out Skerries:  Blue-headed Wagtail on the island.  

Bressay:  Singing Blackcap, Redpoll, and Sedge Warbler at Voehead.  Singing Willow Warbler at Crueton.  

Central Mainland:  Greywagtail at Swining.  Marsh Warbler at Burn of Sound, Lerwick.  

South MainlandEuropean Bee-eater initially at Hestingott, then relocated to Sumburgh Head.  Marsh Warbler at Hoswick Burn.  Nightingale trapped at Hillwell was identified as a Thrush Nightingale. The Nightingale, in Greenmow, Cunningsburgh, as also been identified at Thrush Nightingale.  Marsh Warbler at Hillwell pumping station and another at Grutness.  Icterine Warbler at Sandwick, at Exnaboe and at Hestingott.  Marsh Harrier and 2 Marsh Warbler at Quendale.  Kestrel at Toab.  Stock Dove at Sumburgh Farm.  Marsh Warbler at Sumburgh Head.  Sedge Warbler, Marsh Warbler and Garden Warbler at Grutness.  

Cetacean Sightings: Minke Whale seen from Skerries ferry not far from Muckle Skerry.  Pod of Orca off the Holm of Skaw, Unst heading east past Norwick and Clibberswick.   

Species in red are national (BBRC) rarities. Species in orange are local/Scottish rarities.

For more news of recent sightings visit the Recent Sightings page


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