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Daily Sightings is back!

Due to some rather annoying technical issues our Daily Sightings pages couldn't be updated from the month of October 2023 onwards. The small team of volunteers worked to understand what had happened, and then set about fixing it! Happily, now we enter a whole new year, the problem has been fixed and we are up and running again. So you can visit our Daily Sightings pages once again to keep up-to-date with bird, mammal and other notable happenings in the isles.

Obviously, there are missing sightings from November and December 2023 and we are working to gradually complete these. Other features of the website, such as the gallery, sadly also fell foul of the problems. This too will be updated once time and volunteers allow.

Our volunteers and Shetland Bird Club would like to thank you for your continued patience during this transition period.

Something to look forward to is our AGM and 50th Anniversary celebrations in early Feb 2024, plus our fantastic Bird Report 2022 will be published in February too. Watch this space for further information and of course, how to get your hands on a copy!


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