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Avian Flu in Shetland - what should you do?

Avian Flu has been confirmed in many species of wild birds in Shetland, and across Scotland, particularly affecting our well-known and cherished seabirds. It has also been confirmed in poultry on Whalsay. Many people are coming across dead, or dying birds, whilst enjoying beaches, walks and nature reserves. This is distressing and you may ask - what should we do?

We would strongly advise you not to approach or touch dead or dying birds. If you do find a group of dead birds, it it important to report this to DEFRA on their helpline - 03459 33 55 77

Our colleagues at RSPB and NatureScot are working to monitor this difficult situation as it continues. NatureScot are sending samples of birds away for laboratory testing at the Animal and Plant Health Agency to confirm the presence of the virus. It is important to understand which bird species are being affected. Shetland Islands Council's environment department have began clearing some beaches of dead birds particularly in Unst and Yell.

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