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2021 Shetland Bird Club report published!

Shetland Bird Club members can expect this beautiful report through their doors any day now! It contains 192 pages of facts, figures and information. Mike Pennington and his team have taken that information and adorned most of the pages with stunning photographs, giving us the chance to relive 2021 whilst we read through each chapter. It is a book, that you will want to dip into again and again. After the seasonal summary, there is a systematic list which details each species present in the isles, from the common breeders, to those longed for rarities. Once you have absorbed those chapters, there is more! Next comes reports and articles further adding colour and detail to birding in Shetland.

How can I get a copy if I'm not already a member? There are several ways!

Join the club! click on this link - MEMBERSHIP

Buy direct - click on this link - SHETLAND BIRD REPORT

Look out for it coming to local retailers shortly!

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