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html... I wanted to try Ubuntu as my next Linux Distribution (having used several Linux, mostly Debian based) but the problems I had were not wanting to solve (with some help) and I had to go back to my Windows partition :( I tried different Desktop Environments but none of them would work right And after installing Ubuntu I was afraid I would not be able to open my Windows partitions ... You can open up Windows partitions and access the data directly But, there's no Ubuntu installation CD or USB. I believe there is an ISO and USB But, I am not sure how to get Ubuntu to install. rich_, Are you on Windows at the moment? Yes. rich_, Do you have an Ubuntu live USB? rich_, Not a CD? I do not have any USB or CD. rich_, So what OS do you have installed right now? Windows 8.1. rich_, Do you have your Windows recovery key on hand? I have my old Windows 7 recovery CD. rich_, OK, does that work? I am going to try that. Can you log into the computer and use the recovery console? Recovery console?? Yes, that's what it is called What does that mean? In order to access that, hold shift while booting and press f8. rich_, It's a program that has a bunch of commands. rich_, It will give you a chance to check disk space, etc ok. Where do I find it? There's a few ways to get to it If you have some free time, I suggest installing GParted That will give



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