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The Eagle's Last Stronghold

Persecuted to extinction, the last white-tailed eagle in Britain was shot in Northmavine in 1918. The eagle is shrouded in myth and legend - including the alleged abduction of an infant in Unst. Clutched in the eagle's talons the story tells that she was flown to Fetlar where a daring rescue attempt was put into action...

The story of the white-tailed 'sea' eagle in Shetland is told as part of an exhibition at Shetland Museum and Archives, sponsored by Shetland Bird Club. The exhibition runs from June 22nd 2019 - September 22nd 2019.

Adult White-tailed Eagle, Unst 2017 (Shetland Nature)


Shetland Bird Club
Shetland Bird Club

I'm ready to start - I will ask the LadyBirders if they'd like a blog of their birding exploits?

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