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eastern type Lesser Whitethroat

5 October 2020


Sumburgh Farm & Sandwick (south)


South Mainland


3+ (up to 5)



Advised to submit the following; apologies if unremarkable for Shetland and if so please advise for future reference:-
On 6/10 during the easterly winds prevailing we found 2 different birds showing characteristics of the eastern form inc sandy toned mantle, rather prominent white outertails and small palish wing panels etc at Sumburgh farm and some photos were obtained.
Then on 9/10 at Sandwick (south) another similar bird was seen and photo'd. Then on 11/10 we had two birds at Sumburgh again (not sure if the same as the first two) and photos obtained. We discussed the IDs and all agreed they appeared to be eastern types from our knowledge.

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