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Submission of Rarity Descriptions

All species requiring descriptions are indicated in the checklist in every Shetland Bird Report and in the pdf checklist on this website. On the latest news pages species in red are BBRC rarities and species in orange are local rarities. All descriptions should be sent via the County Recorder, except for those from Fair Isle which should be sent via the FIBO warden (external link to FIBO). Records are considered by either British Birds Rarities Committee (external link to BBRC), the Scottish Birds Records Committee (external link to SOC) or the Shetland Bird Club Records Committee (SBCRC).

Records will only be published in Shetland Bird Reports if a) they are already accepted by a records committee b) they have been submitted and are under consideration by a records committee c) the finder(s) have not made a submission but the bird was seen by a large number of observers and/or photographs or video exists which make it likely that a committee will eventually accept the record.

Recent decisions


Batch E-02 - added 19th October 2009
          Rock Pipit of race littoralis, Scatness, 24-25/04/08 ACCEPTED
          Sabine's Gull, Old Scatness, 05/10/08  ACCEPTED
          Subalpine Warbler, Scatness, 26/05/08  ACCEPTED as 1st summer male, unraced
          Pectoral Sandpiper, Gletness, 30/09/08 ACCEPTED
          Marsh Warbler, Foula, 30/09/08 PENDED
          Marsh Warbler, Quendale, 01/10/08 PENDED
          Grey Phalarope, Scatness, 24/10/08 ACCEPTED as phalarope sp. only
Batch E-01 - added 19th October 2009


Ring-necked Duck Foula 29th September to 11th October ACCEPTED as 1st winter male


Batch L-08-04 - added 4th February 2009
01        Corn Bunting, Fair Isle, 06 & 17/06/08 ACCEPTED
02        Surf Scoter (first-summer male), Catfirth 31/05-10/06/08, then Dales Voe, Delting, 10-22/07/08 ACCEPTED as probably same as Fair Isle
03        Ring-necked Duck (first-summer male) Loch of Clickimin, 14-27/10/08  ACCEPTED as 1w male
04        Pectoral Sandpiper, Ulsta, Yell, 08/10/08 ACCEPTED
05        Grey Phalarope, Virkie, 25/10/08 ACCEPTED
06        Grey Phalarope (3), Moast, Scatness, 26/10/08 ACCEPTED
07        Grey Phalarope (6), Wick of Ireland, 2 on 26/10, 4 on 27/10, 6 on 28/10, 3 on 29/10 ACCEPTED (at least 5 considered to be 1w)
08        Marsh Warbler, Norwick, 04/09/08 PENDED
09        Marsh Warbler, Quendale, 01/10/08 PENDED
10        Coal Tit, West Voe 14/10/08, then Toab 15/10/08 ACCEPTED as unraced
11        Bean Goose (2), Spiggie, 08/11/08, pres same Fleck 09/11/08 ACCEPTED as prob TUNDRA but should be put into review
R          Blue Tit, Helendale, 29/08/06  ACCEPTED after recirc.
R          Black-throated Diver, Burrafirth, Unst, 12/06/08 ACCEPTED 6-1 after recirc
R          Sabine’s Gull (Juv), Funzie, Fetlar, 15/09/07  ACCEPTED after recirc.
R          Rock Pipit A. p littoralis, Sumburgh Head, 15-16/05/2008  ACCEPTED 6-1 after recirc.
R          Arctic Redpoll, unraced, Funzie, Fetlar, 27/09/2007 NOT PROVEN  (4 accepts, 3 not proven) after recirc.
Batch L-08-03 - added 23rd February 2009
01        Surf Scoter (first-summer male) Fair Isle, 16-26/05/08 ACCEPTED as prob same as Catfirth and Dales Voe.
02        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Fair Isle, 22-23/09/08  ACCEPTED
03        Grey Phalarope, Fair Isle, 9 in total between 11/10 and 9/11/08, ACCEPTED all nine
04        Sabine’s Gull, Fair Isle, 01/10/08  ACCEPTED
05        Nightjar, male, Fair Isle, 30/05/08, ACCEPTED
06        Subalpine Warbler, Fair Isle, 09-18/05/08, ACCEPTED as first-summer female (not attributed to subspecies as present).
07        Subalpine Warbler, Fair Isle, 17-20/05/08, ACCEPTED as first-summer female
08        Rustic Bunting, found dead, Fair Isle, 19/05/08, ACCEPTED
09        Rustic Bunting, Fair Isle, 24/05/08, ACCEPTED 
10        Rustic Bunting, Fair Isle, 30/05/08, ACCEPTED as male
11        Pectoral Sandpiper, Fetlar, 05/10/08,  ACCEPTED as juvenile
12        Coal Tit, (2), Sandgarth, Voe, 24-29/10/08, 1 still present early December, ACCEPTED. Racial attribution to be looked at in more detail..
13        Black-throated Diver, adult, Haroldswick, 04/06/08, ACCEPTED
14        Arctic Redpoll, Norwick, Unst, 12-16/06/08, ACCEPTED not assigned to subspecies.
15        Green-winged Teal, male, Melby, 16/05/08, ACCEPTED
Batch L-08-02 - added 4th February 2009 but circulated on 7th July 2008
01       Black-throated Diver, Clift Sound, Burra ACCEPTED poss same Quendale
02       Green-winged Teal, male, Scatness, 07/02-24/04/07  ACCEPTED as returning individual
03       Ring-necked Duck, second male, Loch of Tingwall, 30/12/07 into 2008  ACCEPTED
04       Pectoral Sandpiper, Haroldswick, Unst, 20/05/07 ACCEPTED
05       Dusky Warbler, Out Skerries, 12/10 pres. same 16/10/07 ACCEPTED
06       Blue Tit, Helendale, 29/08/06 PENDED
07R     Short-toed Lark, Lamba Ness, Unst, 19/09/07 ACCEPTED
08R     Arctic Redpoll C. h. exilipes, Fair Isle, 19-22/07/0, trapped ACCEPTED as exlipes
09R     Subalpine Warbler, poss. S. c. moltonii, 20-24/10/07 ACCEPTED as Subalpine Warbler only
10       Dusky Warbler, Foula, 15/10/07 ACCEPTED

(Batch L-08-01) - added 23rd April 2008

01        Black-throated Diver, Quendale Bay, 04/05/07  ACCEPT AS DIFFERENT
02        Little Egret, Dam Loch, Uyeasound, then Baltasound, 23-30/12/07  ACCEPT AS DIFFERENT
03        American Wigeon, first-winter male, Loch of Vatsetter, Maywick, 11-12/12/07  ACCEPT AS SAME AS SPIGGIE
04        Ring-necked Duck, first-winter female, South Punds, Levenwick, 18/11/07, ACCEPT
05        Mandarin Duck, two males, Papil Water, Cullivoe, 05/05/07 ACCEPT, POSS INCLUDES SCATNESS BIRD
06        Hobby, first-summer, Swining, 17/06/07 ACCEPT
07        Pectoral Sandpiper, two, possibly four, Foula, 12/09/07, one until 19/09/07 ACCEPT AS TWO, POSS FOUR
08        Pectoral Sandpiper, adult, Fleck, 21-25/09/07 ACCEPT
09        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juv, Eshaness, 08-10/09/07 ACCEPT
10        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juv, Wart, Sandwick, 08-11/09/07 ACCEPT
11        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, four, Foula, 12/09/07 ACCEPT AS FOUR
12        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juv/first-winter, Skaw, Unst, 30/09-02/10/07 ACCEPT
13        Little Tern, Tresta, Fetlar, 12/06/07 ACCEPT
14        Nightingale, first-winter, trapped, Northdale, Unst, 14-21/10/07 ACCEPT
15        Marsh Warbler, first-winter, Baltasound, Unst, 08-27/09/07 ACCEPT
16        Marsh Warbler, Funzie, Fetlar, 29/09-01/10/07 ACCEPT
17        Bittern, Channerwick, 08/01/08 ACCEPT
18R      Marsh Warbler, Catfirth, 01/10/05 ACCEPT 6:1 on RECIRC
19R      Lesser Redpoll, Foula, 10/09/06  NOT PROVEN 6:1 on recirc.

(Batch L-08) - added 1st March 2008

01        American Wigeon, first-winter male, Loch of Spiggie, 3/11- at least 10/11/07, ACCEPT AS PROB SAME AS MAYWICK
02        Little Egret, Grutness, 20/10/07, ACCEPT
03        Little Egret, Loch of Spiggie, (pres same as above), 24/10 – 5/11/07, ACCEPT AS PROB SAME AS ABOVE
04        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Kettla Ness, 17/9/07, ACCEPT
05        Short-toed Lark, Lamba Ness, Unst, 19/09/07, PEND
06        Short-toed Lark, Toab, 05/10/07,  ACCEPT
07        Short-toed Lark, Toab (pres same as above?), 10-14/10/07, ACCEPT AS PROB SAME AS ABOVE
08        Dusky Warbler, Sumburgh Head, 12/10/07 pres same Sumburgh Farm 14/10/07, ACCEPT
09        Rustic Bunting, Sumburgh Farm, 14/10/07, ACCEPT
10        Grey Phalarope, Lamba Ness, Unst, 14/09/07, ACCEPT
11        Ring-necked Duck, male, Loch of Tingwall, 30/09/07 onwards ACCEPT AS RETURNING INDIVIDUAL
12        Surf Scoter, female, Fair Isle, 21-25/05/07  ACCEPT
13        Subalpine Warbler, 1W female Fair Isle, 23-24/05/07  ACCEPT
14        Rustic Bunting, Fair Isle, 31/05-04/06/07  ACCEPT
15        Bee-eater, Fair Isle, 04-06/06/07  ACCEPT 
16        Arctic Redpoll, c. h. exilipes, Fair Isle, 19-22/07/07  PEND
17        Pectoral Sandpiper, adult, Fair Isle, 03/08/07  ACCEPT
18        Greenish Warbler, first-winter, trapped, Fair Isle, 20-21/08/08 ACCEPT
19        Pectoral Sandpiper, juvenile, Fair Isle, 17/09/07  ACCEPT
20        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juvenile, Fair Isle, 01-03/10/07  ACCEPT
21        Subalpine Warbler, first-winter male, Fair Isle, 20-24/10/07 ACCEPT AS SUBALP BUT PEND RE POSS OF ssp. MOLTONI
22        Firecrest, Fair Isle, 1W female 24/10-07/11/07 (trapped 6th)  ACCEPT 
23        Dusky Warbler, Fair Isle, 22-24/10/07  ACCEPT
24        Marsh Warbler, first-winter, Skaw, Unst, 04/09/07, ACCEPT
25        Grey Phalarope, 1W, Loch of Spiggie, 29/09-06/10, prob since 23/09, ACCEPT 
26        Buff-breasted Sandpiper, juvenile, Fleck, Boddam & Quendale, 06-21/10/07, ACCEPT
27        Pectoral Sandpiper, Skaw, Whalsay, 09/09/07,  ACCEPT

(Batch L-07) - added 9th January 2008

01        Spoonbill, adult, Isbister, Whalsay 21/02/07 then Graven & Brae, 25/02-06/03/07,  ACCEPTED
02        Snow Goose, adult white phase, East Burrafirth, 10-11/04/07, ACCEPTED
03        Little Egret, Brae & Wethersta, 21-22/04/07, presumed same Laxo, 24/04/07, Out Skerries, 03/05 & 21-22/05/07,
                 Sandwater, 25/05/07 and Brow Marsh 29/05/07 all ACCEPTED as prob same
04        Bittern, Burn of Crooksetter, Sullom Voe Oil Terminal, 23/04/07, ACCEPTED
05        Mandarin Duck. Male, Scatness, 30/04/07, poss same as one of two at Kirk Loch, Yell   ACCEPTED as poss same
06        Rustic Bunting, Ocraquoy, 30/05/07, ACCEPTED unsexed
07        Rustic Bunting, Grutness, 31/05/0, ACCEPTED unsexed
08        Pectoral Sandpiper, Moast, Scatness, 16-17/06/07, ACCEPTED
09        Pectoral Sandpiper, adult, Boddam, 10-16/08/07, ACCEPTED
10        Ortolan Bunting, Hoswick, 25-27/08/07, ACCEPTED as first-winter
11        Greenish Warbler, first-winter, 21-22/08/07, ACCEPTED
R          Black  throated Diver, Fair Isle, 21/10/05, NOT PROVEN
R          Goshawk, Fair Isle, 07/12/05, NOT PROVEN
R          Phalarope sp, off West Linga, Whalsay, 23/09/05, NOT PROVEN
R          Hobby, Channerwick, 17/07/06, ACCEPTED
R          Hobby, Upper Kergord, 20/08/05, ACCEPTED
R          Greenish Warbler, Gorie, Bressay, 06/09/06, NOT PROVEN
R          Mediterranean Gull, Toft, 15/02/06, NOT PROVEN


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