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Saturday 19th November 2005

Red Sword Grass - Mike Pennington

This Red Sword Grass was found at a house light at Norwick.

Friday 21st October 2005

The Gem was back at light at Eswick along with 2 Large Wainscots.

Thursday 20th October 2005

A specimen of The Gem was caught at light at Eswick, along with a Rush Veneer, a Rusty-dot Pearl (same individual for a second night), a Large Wainscot, a Mottled Umber and 25 Silver Ys.

Sunday 16th October 2005

A Rusty-dot Pearl was at light at Eswick for a second night.

Wednesday 20th September 2005

A Hummingbird Hawk-moth is at Norwick (photo David Mobley).

Thursday 8th September 2005

This Convolvulus Hawkmoth was found at Cunningsburgh (photo Jim Nicolson).

Wednesday 7th September 2005

A Convolvulus Hawkmoth is at Bixter. Another was at Urafirth on about this date.

Tuesday 6th September 2005

Further Convolvulus Hawkmoths were found by day at Norwick and Oxensetter, Northmavine, while there were 4 in a trap at Walls (caught over two nights).

Monday 5th September 2005

Convolvulus Hawkmoth at Virkie - Roger Riddington

A Convolvulus Hawkmoth was found a window at Norwick in the morning, others were caught in traps at Virkie and Scousburgh, and another was at a lighted window at Skelberry.

The Hummingbird Hawkmoth was still at Eswick along with 2 Red Admirals and a Painted Lady.

A Silver Y and a Setaceous Hebrew Character were in the trap at Voehead, Bressay.

Sunday 4th September 2005

A Red Admiral, 2 Painted Ladies and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth were on buddleia at Eswick. There was also a Red Admiral on Foula.

There were 2 Convolvulus Hawkmoths near the trap at Voehead, Bressay, and a Red Admiral there during the day.

About 1500 Large Yellow Underwings were recorded in the traps at Eswick.

Saturday 3rd September 2005

A Convolvulus Hawkmoth and a Pearly Underwing were in the traps at Eswick.

Friday 2nd September 2005

At Eswick, a Red Sword Grass was on sugar and 540 Large Yellow Underwings, 3 Crescents, a Dotted Rustic, 9 Setaceous Hebrew Characters, an Angle Shades, a Dark Sword Grass and a Rusty-dot Pearl were in the traps.

Thursday 1st September 2005

Convolvulus Hawkmoth at Burrafirth - Wendy Dickson

This Convolvulus Hawkmoth was next to the Burrafirth trap and another was found at the Kiln Bar in Scalloway.

Saturday 27th August 2005

Mike Harper has phoned to say he's bred two Epinotia cruciana from sallows at Muness, Unst - the first record of the species for Shetland.

At Eswick, a Silver Y and a Crescent were in the traps, along with 3 Angle Shades caterpillars about to pupate in the egg boxes.

Friday 12th August 2005

A Great Brocade was in the trap at Sandwick.

Wednesday 9th August 2005

Grey Mountain Carpet at Burrafirth - Wendy Dickson

Sunday 7th August 2005


A selection of moths form the weekend moth course - Beautiful Golden Y; Dotted Clay; Exile; Gold Spot; Ingrailed Clay and Small Square Spot; Lesser Yellow Underwing; Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing; Magpie Moth; Northern Rustic; Smoky Wainscot - Micky Maher

The best of these is the Lesser Yellow Underwing as there are no more than eight recent records. the recent weather and lack of migrants strengthens the case for both this species and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing being scarce residents. Magpie Moth is a recent colonist and Dotted Clay appears to be a very scarce resident at just two sites. Gold Spot and Smoky Wainscot are also local residents. The other species are more widespread.

Two new moths for Shetland were the micros Argyresthia goedartella and Blastobasis decolorella.

Argyresthia goedartella - Jon Clifton

Monday 31st July 2005

Rhyssa persuasoria - Glen Tyler

These two impressive ichneumon flies have been found in Lerwick over the last few days. There is one previous Shetland record, in circumstances suggesting that it was imported - and this seems to be the most likely origin for these two.

Also during July, visitor Michael Harper found two scarce micro-moths at Burrafirth: Coleophora obscenella (= virgaureae) previously known only from one previous record at Burrafirth, and Agonopterix ciliella which has only been recorded from Foula since the 19th century.

Wednesday 27th July 2005

Three Herald moth caterpillars have been found on willows at Tresta.

Saturday 23rd July 2005

A Setaceous Hebrew Character has been found at Upper Toft, Fetlar.

Sunday 17th July 2005

A Magpie Moth is at Maywick.

Sunday 17th July 2005

A Magpie Moth is at Cauldhame, Trondra.

Thursday 14th July 2005

A Magpie Moth is at Levenwick.

Monday 11th July 2005

A Heart and Dart, a Pale Mottled Willow and a Silver Y were in the traps at Eswick. There were 2 Magpie Moths at Voehead, Bressay.

Friday 8th July 2005

A Magpie Moth was at a lighted window at Toab.

Wednesday 6th July 2005

A Glaucous Shears was amongst moths trapped at Voehead, Bressay. This species is a scarce and recently discovered resident.

Tuesday 5th July 2005

A Silver Y is at Sandgarth, Voe.

Monday 4th July 2005

There are 3 Red Admirals at Baltasound.

At Kergord there were 15 Larch Pugs, 4 of the micromoth Caloptilia syringella and large larvae of Epinotia caprana while a single of the hoverfly Sericomyia lappona was also seen.

Sunday 3rd July 2005

About 10 Red Admirals are at Eswick and an Angle Shades, a Dark Sword Grass and a Pale Mottled Willow were in the traps.

Thursday 30th June 2005

Red Admiral and Shetland Bumblebee - Tony and Beth Gerrard

Several Red Admirals were at Sandgarth, Voe, and about 5 are at Eswick.

Sunday 26th June 2005

The first Dusky Brocade of the year was at Eswick.

Friday 24th June 2005

Map-winged Swift and Dark Brocade were caught at  light at Ocraquoy and a Red Admiral was seen in a garden there.

Thursday 23rd June 2005


Map-winged Swift, Marbled Coronet, Lychnis and Dark Brocade at Baltasound - Mike Pennington

A Silver Y and a Dark Sword Grass were in traps at Eswick.

Tuesday 21st June 2005

There are Red Admirals at Baltasound and Haroldswick.

Monday 20th June 2005

A Red Admiral is at Halligarth, Baltasound.

Sunday 19th June 2005

A Seven-spot Ladybird was found at Skellister Ness, South Nesting.

Saturday 18th June 2005

A Red Admiral and the migrant hoverflies Episyrphus balteatus, Meliscaeva auricollis and Syrphus sp. were all recorded at Eswick. Netted Pug and Map-winged Swift were among the moths recorded in the trap.

Friday 17th June 2005

There are 2 Large Whites at Baltasound.

Thursday 16th June 2005

A Large White is at Baltasound.

Migrant hoverflies at Eswick included a Syrphus sp. and Episyrphus balteatus while a Diamondback Moth was also seen.

Sunday 12th June 2005

The first of the resident hoverflies Platycheirus manicatus and Rhingia campestris were seen at Eswick.

Saturday 11th June 2005

Another of the migrant hoverfly Meliscaeva auricollis was at Eswick.

Friday 10th June 2005

There were 2 Common Heaths at Sand Water during the day and a Skin Moth was found in a shed at Eswick.

Thursday 9th June 2005

The migrant hoverfly Meliscaeva auricollis was recorded at Eswick, along with a Marbled Coronet in the moth trap.

Wednesday 8th June 2005

A freshly emerged Large Whites is at Eswick, where the first Dark Brocade of the year was recorded..

Tuesday 7th June 2005

There are 2 Large Whites at Quarff.

Sunday 5th June 2005

Pseudoscorpion - SBRC

A few pseudoscorpions were found at Black Gaet, near Scalloway, during the SBRC spiders course. There are very few previous records from Shetland and none with known details.

A single Shetland Bumblebee was at Sandgarth, north of Voe. Normally they would be common by now but it is a slow, cold spring.

Wednesday 1st June 2005

There were very few moths seen on a walk across Muckle Roe: just 2 Satyr Pugs, 2 Syndemis musculana, a Neofaculta ericetella, 2 Ancylis unguicella  and 7 Clepsis senecionana. There were also Satyr Pugs at Skellister Ness.

At Eswick, the only hoverflies seen until now were Eristalis pertinax and Platycheirus albimanus, but today there were migrants: a Eupeodes corollae and a Syrphus sp. A Shetland Bumblebee at Eswick was, very surprisingly, the first of the year.

Monday 30th May 2005

There are 2 Large Whites and 3 Diamondback Moths at Eswick.

Wednesday 25th May 2005

A Red Admiral is at Dales Voe, Lerwick.

Monday 23rd May 2005

A Eudonia alpina was seen at Catfirth plantation. An Angle Shades, a Dark Sword Grass, and a Garden Carpet were caught at Eswick.

Saturday 21st May 2005

A Dark Sword Grass, a Lychnis and 3 Shears were caught at Eswick.

Thursday 19th May 2005

A Glaucous Shears and an Angle Shades were caught at Eswick.

Saturday 14th May 2005

A Dark Sword Grass, a Diamond-back Moth, a Garden Carpet and a Shears were in the traps at Eswick.

Friday 13th May 2005

A Large White is at Veensgarth.

Thursday 12th May 2005

Peacock - Ian Tinkler

Another Peacock is at Clousta, Bixter.

Tuesday 10th May 2005

A Peacock is at Virkie.

Sunday 5th May 2005

A Red Admiral is at Sandgarth, north of Voe.

Sunday 1st May 2005

A Peacock is at Scousburgh.

Thursday 21st April 2005

Another White-tailed Bumblebee Bombus leucorum is at Norwick.

Tuesday 5th April 2005

A Red Sword Grass and an Angle Shades were found in separate houses in Lerwick.

Saturday 2nd April 2005

Another White-tailed Bumblebee Bombus leucorum is at Voehead, Bressay.

Friday 1st April 2005

Two early White-tailed Bumblebees Bombus leucorum are at Sandgarth, Voe.

Tuesday 29th March 2005

Hebrew Character and Brindled Ochre at light at Scousburgh - Glen Tyler

Saturday 26th March 2005

Seven-spotted Ladybird - Margaret Stevenson

Saturday 19th March 2005

A Hebrew Characters was caught at light at Scousburgh.

Friday 18th March 2005

Two Hebrew Characters were caught at light at Burrafirth.

Sunday 27h February 2005

A Lacewing was found at Sandgarth, Voe.

Saturday 12th February 2005

A Herald was found hibernating in a shed at Eswick.

Tuesday 1st February 2005

A Peacock butterfly found indoors at Sullom Voe Terminal is presumably hibernating, but continues a recent run of unusual indoor insects!

Sunday 30th January 2005

Seven-spotted Ladybird - David Nicol and Ingrid Petrie

This tiny Seven-spotted Ladybird was found indoors in Lerwick. Perhaps it has survive from last summer, when a few migrants appeared (they are rare natural migrants) but it could have been imported accidentally.

Friday 28th January 2005

Eristalis intricarius - Andy Gear

This hoverfly was found alive in a porch in Yell. Given that it shouldn't be flying until May, it is something of a bizarre record.


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